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Stylish and Intimate

From Garrett & Adriana

Chophouse 1830 hosted our rehearsal dinner and  Unforgettable catered our wedding the following day. As a venue in itself, it was a stylish and intimate setting for our special evening of two families coming together. Absolutely perfect. The staff was wonderful—friendly, accommodating, and on top of everything all the time. Everyone went above and beyond for us.


As a testament to this, they: 

⁃ made payment easy

⁃ were communicative at all times

⁃ helped us find solutions to work within our budget while matching our elegant vibe

⁃ took the initiative themselves to schedule a walkthrough with our venue

⁃ worked easily with dietary restrictions

⁃ They knew how to set up their buffet in a way that was accessible yet nonintrusive, even though our venue was pretty tight

⁃ made incredibly good food that we are still getting questions and compliments about today (If anyone with menu-pull is reading this… everyone is asking if they can come by the restaurant for that veggie lasagna)

The staff meshed so well with all of our other vendors that it was hard to tell if they became fast friends or if they were all just really amiable people. Either way, how could we have asked for more? To wrap up, we’ll add one quick story for one of our favorites on the Chophouse team.


We were heading back from our photo session, one of us limping around on high heels and carrying a train that was becoming a lot less fun than it was that same morning.  It was then that we bumped into Brady at the corner of our venue and he offered to help us lug around all that fabric and keep it away from the murky street puddles until we got safely through the back entrance of our venue for introductions. Brady, if you’re reading this, we appreciate your kindness and generosity endlessly (for both the rehearsal night and the wedding day) and we hope to stop by the Chophouse and see you again.

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